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I sense in my spirit people standing on the edge of breakthrough. I heard the words ‘’PUSH THROUGH, PUSH THROUGH. There is nothing I can’t do for you’’.

Then I saw a kite flying and as if flew past my face I saw it had the word REJOICE written on it. But I felt frustrated that I couldn’t push through and the thought of rejoicing was far from my mind.

HEAVENLY CHORUS Then I heard Heavenly singing. I looked behind me and there was a row of Angels singing. It sounded magnificent, but I noticed they were singing just one note. It was like this note had no end, this Heavenly sound started reverberating into my soul till my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. I could feel a shifting happening around me till it felt like I was surrounded in a cloud of glorious song. But as I stood on the edge nothing seemed to be changing in my circumstances. I lifted my face to cry out to God and the kite flew past my face again with the word REJOICE on it.

Then I heard a whisper through the singing that said " we just need ONE more voice" . I instantly knew it was my voice they needed. I turned and stood on the edge of my breakthrough, closed my eyes, opened my mouth to join the Angels in chorus.

THE WALL As soon as I opened my mouth the volume increased. I noticed the Angels were now standing beside me. Suddenly I could see what was a transparent wall in front of me and as we lifted our voices in rejoicing and worship, this transparent wall started to shake and crumble into the valley below. The Angels rejoiced as they beamed with glorious brilliance. They lifted their faces to the heavens and sang the most incredible song of worship to the Lord in a Heavenly language that brought me to my knees as tears of joy and relief flowed.

WAIT AND WORSHIP As my tears poured out onto the ground, I could see new ground forming in the space where the wall and valley once stood. I jumped up and went to take a step forward onto it, however one of the Angels put their hand out in front of me and said ‘’wait and worship’’ so I continued to worship while I waited.

An excitement started to build in my spirit as I could see the land before me that I was about to walk onto for the first time. The longer I stood and worshipped the more the land lit up and the more detail I could see before me. Things were being revealed to me as I waited, that if I had rushed in I would have missed.

REJOICE MY OVERCOMER Then a man appeared on the new land and started walking towards me. I instantly knew it was Jesus as the brilliance of light covered the land. The Angels bowed in worship and Jesus put out His hand and said “I have heard your prayers, your cries, for breakthrough, for more territory and through your faith filled prayers and your worship you have overcome! Breakthrough is yours! Now is the time to come… I have been preparing this place for you and now I am giving you this land to grow My kingdom. I will give you every place where you set your foot (Joshua 1:3). You are My OVERCOMER. REJOICE in Me always and again I say REJOICE”.



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