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Word for Australian Prophetic Council 2022 Summit

As we head into 2022, The Lord has placed words strongly on my heart for this year and beyond, that I had the privilege to submit to our Prophetic Council and share at our recent Australian Prophetic Summit. These words are invitations to take hold of and pray for! I hope they bless and encourage you and stir your heart to partner with all that He has planned!

HOLY SPIRIT IS KEY! “Not by might, nor by power but BY MY SPIRIT says the Lord” (Zach 4:6).

I believe we are going to experience and see an increased move of the Holy Spirit like never before. Life-changing encounters with Holy Spirit that will cause people to wake up from the dead…from their slumber (Ezekiel 37:9). It will bring AWAKENING, REVIVAL, and a hunger for more. We will be carriers of His Glory, walking in boldness, releasing His Love, and reflecting His Glory on this Earth.

We are going to see SUPERNATURAL SIGNS AND WONDERS like we have not seen or heard of before that will leave people in AWE and WONDER. This will be an incredible TESTAMENT to God’s goodness and power that will be undeniably Him!

I have felt in my Spirit for so long, that the church has suppressed the move of the HOLY SPIRIT, out of fear that it might get messy, out of fear and intimation of man. I had a vision about this ...where the Lord spoke to me regarding how people/the church have placed the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

VISION: I saw a fireplace in a house. On the wall above the fireplace was a beautiful large painting of the Father set in an old ornate frame, and I knew this represented our Heavenly Father. Then underneath this painting I saw a big cross on the wall, and a picture of the Son that sat in pride of place on the mantle-piece, and I instantly understood the value of the cross and the importance of Jesus to the people.

Then I looked at the fireplace and I said to the Lord …“But where is the fire? Why is this not lit? Where is Holy Spirit?” I suddenly felt deep grief in His heart as He drew my attention to a cremation urn on the mantle-piece. Then God started to speak to me, “The church has placed Holy Spirit upon the mantle-piece. They will ACKNOWLEDGE My Spirit, but REFUSE to fully accept the fact that My Spirit is ALIVE, and have done all they can to suppress Me and treat My Spirit like He is dead! Their house has become so cold and dark, and they have just adapted to the dim light, and physically tried to work hard to keep warm.”

I SUDDENLY saw the urn start to shake on the mantle-piece, and I began to tremble with HOLY FEAR. Then the urn shook violently, until it fell into the fireplace and SUDDENLY it IGNITED! The fire instantly lit up the room! The heat was intense, and the fire was raging brightly! Then SUDDENLY the windows blew open, and wind started to blow into the room. I was so struck with AWE of the fire as the wind blew around me. Then embers flew out, igniting parts of the house, igniting me, igniting family members…until the WHOLE HOUSE was GLORIOUSLY ABLAZE!

We are coming into a time where HOLY SPIRIT is coming, READY OR NOT! Things in this vision all happened SUDDENLY! So, CHURCHES, LEADERS, PEOPLE, GET READY, PREPARE! For REVIVAL, AWAKENING, HUNGER IS COMING! It’s time to stop letting the fear of man cause you to suppress the Spirit of the Living God! SURRENDER! YIELD! It’s time to be SET ABLAZE and BE the LIGHT, to be HIS BURNING ONES on the Earth.

I also felt the Lord speaking of “SMOKE and MIRRORS” that some Churches and people have been operating in… I felt grief in my heart, and REPENTANCE filled me. I felt the ground shake violently as I fell on my face before Him in FEAR and TREMBLING. Then suddenly the mirrors shattered, the ceiling broke and the smoke left. I could see clearly. Great AWE and WONDER filled me.

I believe this speaks of what is coming. Churches and people won’t be able to hide behind the SMOKE and MIRRORS anymore! He is calling us to true REPENTANCE, to HUMBLE our hearts and SURRENDER! HIS WILL, HIS WAY! LAY DOWN YOUR CONTROL and PRIDE… NO MORE LIMITS! HE alone will get ALL the GLORY!

PERSONAL REVIVAL. Revival is coming through His people, through the personal reviving of each heart and life! Revival will not necessarily look like it has in the past. Revival is coming through YOU and ME! His Glory is coming through US! I feel the REFINING, PURGING, REPENTING, HEALING process is going to increase and go deeper than ever before, until it is fully done.

Many are feeling this now, but He won’t stop, He won’t relent, until we are FULLY YIELDED and SURRENDERED! This is a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION He is doing in us! The old is done… He is getting us ready for the NEW…for all He has planned! So, YIELD to Him, SURRENDER to the process of what He is doing! It will be GLORIOUS! (Romans 12:1-2).

He is coming for a PURE BRIDE! We are going to see and experience PURIFYING and refining in a TRANSFORMING WAY. This will become an incredible TESTAMENT to others, and HE will get all the GLORY!

WORSHIP, INTERCESSION and PRAYER is KEY! I see worship, intercession and prayer coming together and being KEY to seeing a move of His Spirit released over homes, churches, communities, situations, governments, and nations. I feel so strongly that we are going to see voices awaken and rise up in prayer and worship like never before. HUNGER for more of this is going to increase till people are crying out “MORE LORD!” until they are fully moved by His heart and gripped by His love!

I see PRAYER HOUSES, HEALING HOUSES and WORSHIP HOUSES being established. Not just rooms… but HOUSES! (It’s going to get bigger than we have seen before). And not just established through “churches”, but through the passion and fire in His People, because WE are His Church!

I see and hear a PURE SOUND and NEW SONGS COMING FROM WITHIN AUSTRALIA that will awaken our churches and awaken hearts! And this will SPARK REVIVAL in the pews, in the streets, in houses and in hearts! I believe we are going to TRULY learn and understand what it is to WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! I see UNITY coming in this too, as the Body of Christ learns to move in this! (John 4:23-24)


A wave of JUSTICE is on the move and will intensify. Attached to this I saw the words TRUTH, REPENTANCE and FREEDOM (similar to a word I released a few years back regarding freedom, However I felt this word JUSTICE was WEIGHTY, BIG AND SIGNIFICANT.

The Lord reminded me of a courtroom scene from the movie “A Few Good Men”. Where you see the lawyer being UNRELENTING in pushing hard to obtain the TRUTH for JUSTICE. You hear him intensely say “I WANT THE TRUTH!” Then in this explosive intense scene, suddenly the defendant confesses to his actions. REPENTANCE! The truth is brought into Light!

I felt THE LORD WON’T RELENT IN HIS PURSUIT OF JUSTICE and He will get the GLORY! He is after HEARTS, and He will do what He needs to do to get our attention, to purify us so that nothing can separate us from Him! He is coming for a pure Bride.

I believe many things are being taken to the COURTROOM OF HEAVEN, and justice will be served. Some of the things we are going to see and hear of are going to be EXPLOSIVE! His LIGHT is coming! He is coming after hearts and will bring us to REPENTANCE. So, take heart, because as suddenly as the TRUTH comes out, there will also be incredible relief and healing, not only because JUSTICE is being served, but because of the FREEDOM it will bring to all involved! So have compassion for them, don’t throw stones! Be kind and pray for them to encounter Jesus! (Matt 5:44-48).


I believe that as things are being taken to the Heavenly courtroom as hearts repent, and as the Lord does a deep work in hearts through personal revival, we are going to see DOUBLE RECOMPENSE for everything that the enemy has tried to steal, kill, and destroy! (John 10:10). We are going to see an OUTPOURING OF BLESSINGS AND FAVOUR that will GREATLY TESTIFY to God’s goodness, power, and love. We are going to see people take hold of their INHERITANCE and PROMISES and BOLDLY step into them with full favour and blessings! (Isaiah 61:7-8).


Not just personally, but especially when it comes to things like earthquakes, floods, fires, tsunamis, and other natural phenomena. THIS WILL BE AN INVITATION AND A CALL TO PRAY! Partner with what the Lord is doing and showing us. He is speaking and revealing things to us! (Luke 21:25-28)

Lastly, we need to understand that the things of this world ARE going to get darker. But, LIGHT can be seen SO much better and brighter in the dark! He is preparing us, readying us, awakening us to SHINE like we have never shone before! In the midst of darkness, the LIGHT will become BRIGHTER, CLEARER and will REACH FURTHER than ever before.

YOU are the light! It’s time to RISE and SHINE! (Isaiah 60). Let Him fill you to the deepest parts, let Him purify your deepest wells, so nothing will separate you from Him. So, you can be a living vessel for Him and pour forth His Light, His love, His Glory on this Earth! (Matt 5:16).

As I was writing out all these words, this song was ringing in my heart. “YOU WON’T RELENT” By Jesus Culture.

“You won’t relent until you have it all, my heart is yours.”

“Come be the fire inside of me, come be the flame upon my heart. Come be the fire inside of me, until You and I are one.”


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