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LIVING THE WRONG LIVING - I Don't Want Your Buckets

Today the Lord said to me. "They are LIVING 'THE WRONG' LIVING”. I asked Him what He meant by this and He instantly reminded me of a dream He gave me about people coming with their buckets. (refer to dream below). He told me how His people have filled themselves up with things of the flesh, worldly possessions, idols, pride and selfish ambitions…and it is causing them to put limits on Him and they are missing out. When they come to Him, they are only coming with buckets to fill up.

He is crying out to us "There is so much more! YOU ARE LIVING 'THE WRONG' LIVING! Put down your buckets and come and drink of ME and the abundant LIVING WATER I have for you.”

THE DREAM - I DON’T WANT YOUR BUCKETS God showed me a Heavenly waterfall that was filled with everything you and I could possibly ever want or need. It was flowing with Love, Grace, Healing, Favour, Blessings and more… As I stood there looking at this amazing waterfall, I could see people running with their buckets. They had little buckets and middle size buckets and mega buckets and they were running and taking as much as they could of this Heavenly water. I looked at God and said “I better get me a bucket! I don’t want to miss out on this”!! He looked at me and said “Helen, I DON’T WANT YOUR BUCKET, I WANT YOU! COME! YOU CAN HAVE ALL OF THIS”.

Overwhelmed by what He just invited me to have, I started to take steps forward to follow Him. But I kept seeing these people running with their buckets and I was thinking “I really hope I am doing the right thing, because I don’t have a bucket to fill.” He turned around knowing what I was thinking and said “Helen, do you trust me”??? I took a deep breath and said “YES I DO TRUST YOU” I stepped into the water and I went under the waterfall of everything He wanted to give me.

As I did, it was as though I became like a child again and my Father was pouring out upon me all the things I ever needed and wanted. All of my hopes and my dreams were being pouring over me and I was overwhelmed with delight and joy. I called out “God I don’t EVER want to leave this”!! He said “I don’t EVER want you to leave this!!! THIS IS FOR YOU! In fact when you stay, I am going to INCREASE upon you till you are OVERFLOWING and it can flow out to others and they too can come and receive and have all that I have and want for them.”

You see, if we come with a bucket, we are putting limits on God. If we come with a bucket we are only receiving a small amount of the fullness of what God wants for us.

“I DON’T WANT YOUR BUCKET” He is saying “I WANT YOU! COME and RECEIVE the FULLNESS of all that I have for you and MORE”. 2016 Watch Video Here


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