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I was reading Matthew 6:25 about how God tells us we should not worry and my heart started to intercede for those who are looking for, or are in the processes of change right now.

These changes covered a huge range of things such as… careers, study, moving, starting a family, financial commitments, businesses, ministries, church and relationships.

I saw people who were dreaming of the possibilities of change and what that might look like for them. I saw people and boiling point of big life changing decisions. Some felt overwhelmed, other felt excited, some felt despair. I saw people trying to work out the right words to say regarding personal and professional relationships or friendships. I saw doors opening for some and closing for others.

Then the words in Verse 33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and ALL these things will be given to you as well” leapt off the page.

As I read this I felt God calling out “SEEK ME and ASK ME what I want for you, what I have planned for you! Ask Me to show you, ask me to lead you.” As He said this I felt a burning in my heart to share this as His heart is calling out to you! He has BIG plans for you! He has the BLUE PRINTS for your future! He has the words you need to say and the instructions on what you need to do. I saw Him building steps in front of those who were willing to SEEK HIM and FOLLOW! I saw bridges being constructed in areas people thought impossible to connect or re-connect to.

Matt 7:7-8 NIV

When He held you, and created you He did so with great intent and purpose for your life and your future - HE KNOWS YOU BEST! and He WILL NOT ABANDON YOU! So, with a cry in my heart I say today ASK HIM, God what does my future look like? What do I need to do here? What to do I need to say? What steps will I need to take? I believe that as you do you will feel a shifting in your circumstances. You will have a clarity in your mind and a divine peace in your heart.

Then God said "Listen for My voice, listen to My prompting upon your heart as I prepare you and lead you. Then rejoice not just in the open doors but also in the doors I close, for I know you best. You may feel a narrowing in your path as you take the steps I place before you, but do not resist. The fullness of what I have for you is about to open up and burst forth into something more glorious than you can imagine".

Lift your face to Him today and say “YES, I TRUST YOU LORD, YOUR FACE I SEEK, YOUR WILL BE DONE, YOUR WAY LORD NOT MINE! I WILL FOLLOW! As you do this I felt the Lords heart overflowing with DELIGHT as He takes you by the hand and leads you into HIS glorious plans for your life.

Helen Madeline 9/05/17


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