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AERIALS As I was sitting outside spending time with God when He prompted me to look up and highlighted to me the AERIALS on the roofs of the houses. He said, " the aerials are there to receive the signal through the airwaves. They are wired into your house so you get a clear picture. If the aerial is not in the right position, it won't receive the full signal and the picture will be distorted."

POSITION YOURSELF "I need you to be like a well positioned aerial and POSITION YOURSELF to receive clearly from ME. I am continually sending out through MY Heavenly airwaves, a STRONG SIGNAL to give you the CLEAR PICTURE you need. I am NOT the God who DISTORTS things! I speak with CLARITY and POWER and today I want to release to you, all you need and more. So POSITION yourself WELL to receive from ME.

ACCELERATION I then had a vision of people in houses, on buses, at work, church and schools, at the shops and driving their cars... and they started to raise their hands to the heavens, as if to say "YES". God said to me, "those raising their hands are MY WILLING VESSELS. They are a WELL positioned aerial.. and I am ACCELERATING MY children, who are willing to position themselves for ME. I am opening MY Heavenly airways to them, so their ears hear clearly and their eyes see clearly. I am opening their mouths to speak with clarity and when they do it will be powerful because it was received from ME."

INCREASED SIGNAL "MY signal is about to INCREASE upon those who have been FAITHFULLY positioning themselves for ME. I am LIFTING their aerials to NEW HEIGHTS, to receive from ME at a whole NEW LEVEL. I am UNLOCKING MY SPIRIT FILLED WAVE upon and through MY FAITHFUL ONES."

THE WAVE Then God showed me an incredible glistening GOLDEN AMBER WAVE rising up and this wave was filled with music and dancing. A CELEBRATION was taking place, like nothing I have ever seen! He said "People all over the world are about to get swept up in MY WAVE! They will SEE and EXPERIENCE MY SUPERNATURAL SIGNS and WONDERS with such CLARITY that they will be CONSUMED and UNDONE by MY LOVE for them. So today I am calling you to RISE UP to new heights with ME and POSITION yourself WELL to RECEIVE and RELEASE an OUTPOURING of MY SPIRIT WAVE across this land. 19/5/16


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