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I was sitting having a cuppa before church. As I sat there I felt God saying to me how dirty people are and how they need to know it. I was a bit taken back saying "God,if I tell people they are dirty they might take it the wrong way!"

So I tried to think of different ways to say this nicely. But He insisted saying that people are dirty and you can't sugar coat dirt Helen. It does not look or taste good and people need to know it!!

Then I saw a vision of a big black dirty hole and then a person holding on by their finger tips. I saw demonic spirits holding them by the ankles luring them to come deeper. The strange thing was that this person was not fighting the demonic spirit as it sugar coated its words, to keep them sliding down further, trying to make the person feel comfortable.

Then every so often the person would look up and see God. They'd call out to God and He would pull them out and place their feet on safe ground away from the hole. But this person kept walking over to the edge of the dirty hole, curious to look down. They would sit on the edge of the hole dangling their feet over the edge, swinging their legs, quite happy that they were safe enough. I could see other people In the hole at all different depths. Then this person was again in a split second back hanging by their finger tips.

I could hear God looking down with tears streaming from his face calling out with overwhelming love.... "Fight for me, you have to fight for me!.... Look up!....look up!.... When I pull you out of the dirty hole and place you on firm and safe ground keep looking at me... Fight to keep you eyes fixed on me. Because in my eyes there is no condemnation. I am a God of forgiveness. I just want to love you, hold you and protect you, don't keep taking your eyes off me! Every time you take your eyes off me you are missing out on the amazing things I have for you! You are my child and I love you!"

I pray that God would make a way for His people to hear this and think about their actions, so God can finally take them on the path He has planned.


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