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Last night the word "DELIVER" kept leaping out at me through scripture and song. I asked God about this and He said "I am the GREAT DELIVERER, I have not and will not stop delivering My people." He showed me beautiful gifts wrapped in layers and packaged up. There were big gifts and small gifts. Gifts were being placed on the seats of planes and buckled in, to be sent to the other side of the world and into some dark places.

Gifts were being placed... on the doorstep of neighbors and at the doors of churches. On buses and in offices and into the hands of people.

Then He said to me "With My hand I am wrapping you. I am wrapping you in LAYERS. Layers of INSTRUCTIONS, Layers of BEAUTY, Layers of PROTECTION. I am wrapping you and covering you in My Glory and clothing you in My LOVE. I am PREPARING you, for YOU ARE NOW MY SPECIAL DELIVERY. You have become MY GIFT, you are a gift I have been preparing and longing to share with others.

Just as I have delivered you from fear (Ps 34:4) from troubles (Ps 50:15) from darkness (Col 1:13), and just as you have accepted the greatest gift of My Son now dwelling in you. I am now preparing to deliver you as a gift to CHANGE LIVES and SAVE LIVES both near and far.

To bring joy, delight, healing and LOVE to the lost, the lonely, the sick and broken hearted. I am sending you with precision and purpose. By SENDING YOU DIRECTLY TO THEIR DOOR they will know that I have NOT forgotten about them, that I have NEVER stopped loving them! I am unlocking and activating the gifts I have given you (1 Peter 4:10).

You are My special delivery, and I am sending you out as the gift to bless others. 14/7/16


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