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This morning when I woke up I had a vision about banquets.


The first banquet I saw was not really the kind of banquet anyone would want or enjoy! I ran around preparing all the food to feed my guests and serving it out to a table mixed with some people I recognised and loved and other faces that were unrecognisable but they looked really mean and scary! The more food I put out the more they devoured and the more food I seemed to prepare, the more revolting it looked! My guests where filled with words that crushed me. The people I knew and loved started to say things to the point they became unrecognisable to me. The whole scene looked and felt like a nightmare! Then as I stood there and watched them, and I felt exhausted angry, broken and sad. I then saw a sign on the table with the minus (-) symbol on it.

PLUS (+) Then before I knew it, there was a new table in front of me. At this second banquet, again I recognised some faces of people I knew and loved and there were also unrecognisable faces, but they looked kind and lovely. I instantly felt better so I started preparing food to feed my guests. This time my food actually looked good and I became filled with hope and faith that all would be Ok. Every time I came out with the food for my guests, they would be filled with words of encouragement and love and each time my plates of food I was preparing just kept looking better and more delicious! After feeding my guests I felt a little tired but I was so happy. As I stood there watching them I saw a sign on the table with the plus (+) symbol on it.

Then God spoke to me and said "People have a choice. They can feed the negative or they can feed the positive." And He showed me the two tables side by side.

He then spoke to me again and said "The more you feed the negative, the more the enemy feeds off it. See the faces you don't recognise, they are demonic spirits sent to feed off your negativity and to turn friends and loved ones against each other. The more you fed them negativity the more they devoured, the stronger they became, to the point even the people you knew and loved started to become unrecognisable to you.

Then He said "when you started feeding the positive, you not only felt happy, filled with hope and faith, but what you served up kept improving. The faces you didn't recognise they are of Me. For I come in all forms and surround you with all that you need. When I spoke words of love and encouragement, the more beautiful your banquet became. Those you recognised and loved, not only got to feast off all the positive from you, they got to watch you transform into someone filled with faith and hope, joy and love till all that came from you tasted good.

He then asked me "now, which table would you like to go and sit at"? There was NO way I was going back to the negative!

THE INVITATION As I sat at the positive table enjoying the company and the food I had prepared earlier. A waiter came over and handed me an invitation and said "Would you like to come with me?" I was a bit torn as I really wanted to just sit and enjoy the positive banquet. But I felt like it was in invitation I had to say yes to. All my guests were very excited for me as I stood up and went with the waiter.

MULTIPLY (x) He led me to a new table and as I arrived there I saw a big table, filled with the most incredible banquet I had ever seen! It was Heavenly! I was taken over to a man sitting at the head of the table. As I looked at Him I recognised Him immediately... it was Jesus and He thanked me for accepting His invitation and asked me if I would join Him and be His guest at His banquet. There was a spare seat right beside Him and I sat down. As I looked around I saw all the people who were at my positive table sitting there along with many others. A sign appeared over the table with the multiply (x) symbol on it. As I turned to ask Jesus about the symbol He said "because you accepted my invitation You get to sit and feast from My banquet where I multiply all that you need and do. All of a sudden the table multiplied to beyond what my eyes could see. A plate was placed in front of me with the words "Taste and see that the Lord is good" inscribed on it. Jesus then lent over and whispered into my ear.

"Look what your positivity has invited you into, now I will do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask or think" and He smiled and started to fill my plate with food.


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