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The Lord has been highlighting to me that many of His people have been taken out recently, and I keep hearing the word TACKLED. As I pressed into God regarding this word, I started to see an assault against Gods people, who literally feel like they have had their feet taken out from under them and tackled to the ground.

I was prompted to look up the word TACKLE and one of the Google definitions says: “to try and stop the forward progress of (the ball carrier) by seizing them and knocking them to the ground.”

As I read this definition The Lord showed me that this is exactly what the enemy has been doing! He has been attempting to stop the forward progress of God’s people who have been carrying out what God has called them to do, by trying to seize them, knock them to the ground and take them out! There are many who feel this way right now! You have even said “I feel like I have had my feet taken out from underneath me, the wind knocked out of me. I feel like I’ve been blindsided, like this came out of nowhere.” This has left many in a place of disbelief, shock, grief, exhaustion, fear and more!

IT'S TIME TO MOVE FORWARD I felt the Lord saying that many of you have said “I wish that I could just press the rewind button and go back, I wish this didn’t have to be like this. But the Lord is saying, “it’s time to move forward, the past is behind you. I am calling you to fix your eyes on Me and I will lift you from your trials, your heartache, your pain.”

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 NIV

Then I saw the Lord press a fast forward button and He said, “You are NOT down and out for the count! YOU WILL RISE TRIUMPHANT! I will have the victory over your life and you will move forward with great speed and increase. The time you feel has been lost and robbed from you, is going to be restored but with great increase! With interest! For My carriers will not be overcome; you will not be held down! No! For I will turn your trial into a triumph, your test into a testimony, your suffering into a song of praise!”

IT’S TIME TO SING YOUR SONG AGAIN Then I heard this song bubbling up in my heart “The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning, it’s time to sing your song again. Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes” (10,000 Reasons. By Matt Redman). Then I heard the Lord declare “TODAY IS A NEW DAY and IT’S TIME TO SING YOUR SONG AGAIN. It is time to start praising Me in your circumstances. My hand is on you, I have not forsaken you, but I will restore you. It is time to rise triumphant! To lift your voices in praise and see My victory take place!”

Then I saw people rising up triumphant - hands raised, lifting their song of Praise! I saw bystanders watching in amazement, in awe of Gods transforming love and power in you and over your circumstances, as you come rising up, praising, worshipping and declaring God is good, even after all that has taken place, even after all you have endured.

“In his shelter in the day of trouble, that’s where you’ll find me, for He hides me there in His holiness. He has smuggled me into His secret place, where I’m kept safe and secure, out of reach from all my enemies. Triumphant now, I’ll bring Him my offerings of praise, singing and shouting with ecstatic joy! Yes, listen and you can hear the fanfare of my shouts of praise to the Lord! Ps. 27:5-6 TPT.

And I heard the Lord sing out over you. “Look at you now— arising as the dayspring of the dawn, fair as the shining moon. Bright and brilliant as the sun in all its strength. Astonishing to behold as a majestic army waving banners of victory.” Song of Songs 6:10 TPT.


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