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The Lord gave me an incredibly detailed dream and He started to speak to me about the season we are coming into. He spoke to me about A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, bringing UNITY and RESTORATION to the BODY OF CHRIST as we move into this NEW and HEALTHY way of advancing the Kingdom TOGETHER, PARTNERED with the HOLY SPIRIT to usher in the great HARVEST

Each image the Lord showed me, revealed a bigger picture of what He is doing, how He is preparing us and how we are to move forward in our gifts and calling according to His will and plan. I shared about this briefly at our online Australian Prophetic Council Roundtable at the end of May (full video available on Facebook), but I wanted to unpack this dream that came in 2 parts, and detail exactly what God showed me, to encourage the body of Christ and to help us prepare for the greatest Harvest we have ever seen!

I saw a very LARGE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. The field was lush, green and all perfectly marked out ready for play. On the slopes surrounding the field there were spectators as far as the eye could see. I noticed that the area where the spectators were sitting was very dull grey in colour. In fact as I looked at these spectators, I also noticed they too blended into this wash of grey. I asked the Lord about this and He explained to me that these SPECTATORS REPRESENTED the UNCHURCHED, UNSAVED, the LOST and BROKEN.


Then my attention was drawn to a young child running around on the sideline and his father was chasing behind him, reaching out to catch him. The child was in a state of silliness, a bit like when a child is over-tired or hyperactive after eating too much sugar! He was not listening to his father, and running up and down the slopes between spectators, running down to the sideline and then he tried to run onto the field where the team was. The game was not in play, and the father managed to grab the child before he made it to the field, and just before the child fell to the ground the father picked him up by the ankles and held him in the air upside down.

As the child was dangling upside-down he started to squirm to try and break free from the fathers grip. But the father held him tight, moved him away from the sideline and started to shake the child up and down. The child was laughing and squealing thinking it all to be a bit of a game to start with, but with each motion of the father SHAKING the child up and down, I saw things start to drop out of the child’s pockets.

With each shake I asked the Lord about what I was seeing. I first saw coins fall out of his pockets. So, I asked the Lord what the coins were? He said..“They are CREDIT. This child has been TAKING CREDIT for the things I have done.” Then he shook the child again. This time RUBBISH fell out and junk-food wrappers. The Lord said “This child has been FEEDING on RUBBISH and has developed UNHEALTHY HABITS and still carries around this rubbish, feeding off it!” The father then shook the child again quite firmly, as there was still some things deep in his pockets that the father wanted to shake out. This time toys - like vending machine PRIZES fell out. The Lord said “This child has IDOLS that he holds like PRIZED POSSESSIONS, that have ruled and been a stronghold over his life.”

Once the child’s pockets had been fully emptied, the Father seemed most pleased about what had been REMOVED from the child during the shaking. Then whilst the child was still held upside-down, the Father carried him away from all the things on the ground so he could not get to them again. He then gently lowered the child who was, at this point, most upset because all the things from his pockets had been removed. The child lay face down on the ground sobbing and still having a bit of a tantrum. The whole time the Father lovingly but firmly held his hand on the child’s back and spoke to him until the child was finally SETTLED, CALM and LISTENING.


He said “Many of My children have been running around and caught up in a WHIRLWIND of CHAOS which the ENEMY has ASSIGNED to WREAK HAVOC amongst My people. They have been so full of EXCUSES, JUSTIFYING their behaviour, trying to CONTROL, rushing here and there, being so BUSY doing their OWN THING that they have become OUT OF CONTROL. They have been too busy to STOP or LISTEN to ME and let me HELP them and LEAD them. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! For I am taking hold of them before they try to run back out onto MY FIELD and cause havoc. I am going to cause a SHAKING that will flip things on their head. I will remove them from the clutches of the enemy and rid them of these things that constantly come between us, from these old ways and bad habits and attitudes, and I will cause My children to STOP, lie DOWN, SURRENDER and LISTEN. I will bring a CALM to their STORM. I will RESET and RESTORE them, and they will know MY HAND is upon them as I prepare them to RISE and WALK in MY WAYS the RIGHT WAY.”

Hebrews 12:26-29 TPT “Once and for all I will not only shake the systems of the world, but also the unseen powers in the heavenly realm!” Now this phrase “once and for all” clearly indicates the final removal of things that are shaking, that is, the old order, so only what is unshakeable will remain. Since we are receiving our rights to an unshakeable kingdom we should be extremely thankful and offer God the purest worship that delights his heart as we lay down our lives in absolute surrender, filled with awe. For our God is a holy, devouring fire!”


Then my eyes were drawn to the large LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. I saw the TEAM PLAYERS on the field, and they were all lying face-down on the ground. Each team member was partnered with their own PERSONAL TRAINER who had a hand on the back of their player as they lay on the ground. As I looked closer, I noticed each personal trainer was the same. I asked the Lord about the personal trainer and He showed me this was the HOLY SPIRIT.

I then heard a whistle blow and the players stood up. The trainers took their players through different warm-up drills, TRAINING them and PREPARING them, increasing their fitness, sharpening their skills and gifts. They would give them rest between training drills, offering food and drink as they needed, speaking encouragement, offering help and advice, teaching and giving insight for the team plan and key strategies.

As they were training, I noticed that there was only ONE TEAM on the field and ALL the players had the SAME TEAM CLOTHING on! However, EACH PLAYER LOOKED VERY DIFFERENT to the other. Some had different shoes on, different items and equipment in their hands. Some had books, some had microphones, some instruments, tools, technology, medicine, money, weapons. Some had different hats on, some had cricket bats or soccer balls, dancing shoes, paint brushes or pens...and so much more!

Then I heard the whistle blow again and suddenly I felt the atmosphere shift. The team Coach (THE LORD) arrived along with an endless stream of team officials (HEAVENLY HOSTS) who all took their places surrounding the field. I could see the excitement and readiness of the players as the personal trainers placed them into position. I heard a horn blow and the team started to play. At NO time did the personal trainer (HOLY SPIRIT) leave the side of the players, but instructed and guided them EVERY step of the way. Each player used their UNIQUE skills and talents to play. Each move was STRATEGIC, INTENTIONAL and BEAUTIFUL to watch as the players moved alongside one another in UNITY under the guidance of the personal trainer and instruction of the Coach. Players were supporting each other, and sometimes players were required to move quickly or reposition to the other side of the field, sometimes they were instructed to step forward or take a step back, giving them time to TAKE A KNEE, rest and pause to listen to a word from the Coach.

The importance of everyone being a TEAM PLAYER and WORKING TOGETHER became evident as the Lord drew my eyes to the grey areas where the spectators were around the field. As the TEAM started to play in UNITY, I began to notice a POSITIVE RESPONSE as the spectators started to take interest in what was being played out before them. They started to wake up and become increasingly excited by what they were seeing! Suddenly I saw COLOUR start to spring up throughout the grey areas as spectators began to jump to their feet in RESPONSE to what they were seeing.

The better the team became at working together in UNITY, the bigger the burst of colours would light up around the field as new life filled the spectators...(REVIVAL). Team officials were watching on, ready to usher the life-filled responding spectators to the sideline. They too were then each assigned a Personal Trainer (HOLY SPIRIT), and the Coach (THE LORD) called these new players (THE SAVED) to take a knee, while He spoke into them and brought light and breathed life into the gifts and talents they each had. Team clothing was given to them along with their unique equipment, and the personal trainers took them to warm up on the sidelines around the field. When they were ready, the Coach would nod and the trainer would then lead them and position them exactly where they needed to be, instructing them the whole time. I saw the field constantly INCREASING in LENGTH and WIDTH as far as the eye could see, as more and more and MORE players joined the team (THE GREAT HARVEST)!

BUT… As I watched I also noticed at times SOME PLAYERS had their OWN AGENDA and chose to do their own thing! They would ignore the personal trainer’s instruction and advice and continue to push forward with their own play. This instantly disrupted the game play, as these solo players would run into positions that were NOT theirs or not where they needed to be at that time! These SOLO PLAYERS would trip over themselves STRIVING to get to where they wanted. This instantly had a NEGATIVE RESPONSE from the spectators nearby, causing them to react negatively towards the team on the field, mocking, throwing things and pointing the finger. This shifted the spectators’ attention as their own noise increased, stirring up plumes of grey smog, causing them to lose sight of the field as they became focused on their own voices, words and the opinions each had, about what they just saw.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team players would quickly respond, listen to their trainers, reposition or pause whilst the other trainers would call the solo players to stop and lie down on the ground. From that position, the trainer would place his hand on their back till they were settled, calm and listening. If the solo player still didn’t want to listen, the trainer would nod to the coach and they were taken off the field to the sideline. From that place I saw the Coach speak to each of them asking them to take a knee. Many solo players would stop, listen, reset and then begin to warm up on the sideline again, willing now to re-join the team. But some just REFUSED to be a TEAM PLAYER. They had their OWN PLAN and only wanted to do their OWN THING. The ones who refused, chose to remove their team clothing and walked away into the blend of grey to join with the other spectators.

THE RESPONSE The Lord says “Come down from your pedestals! Get off your high horse! Come out of hiding, let me unharden your hearts! Fall on your faces, drop to your knees, SURRENDER before Me! COME TO ME! STOP and LISTEN, RESET and RECEIVE, for I am doing a NEW THING! I will PREPARE and give you ALL that you need. MY SPIRIT will go with you every step of the way, to HELP you, TRAIN you, TEACH you and GUIDE you into this NEW WAY. For I have prepared a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and MY people will work as ONE BODY and ONE HEART, to do just as I CALLED you to, and each play your part! I am RESTORING HEALTH to The BODY and bringing UNITY to MY PEOPLE. You will WORSHIP and MOVE in SPIRIT and in TRUTH and be MY GREAT WITNESS upon The Earth!”

“GET READY for THE GREAT HARVEST! GET READY to CATCH THE WIND of MY SPIRIT for I am about to BLOW! (Ezekiel 37) I will BREATHE NEW LIFE into DRY BONES, I WILL AWAKEN MY BRIDE and I will SHAKE the NATIONS. YES they will COME ALIVE. As MY SPIRIT MOVES in you and through you, FIX YOUR EYES on ME! LISTEN to MY INSTRUCTION, for this is KEY! My Church, My Children, I am INVITING you to COME, and see My Kingdom come and My will be done! My plans will be established, so SURRENDER your HEART to Me. Your TRUE and PROPER WORSHIP will bring CLARITY. As I call you to RISE, MY SPIRIT will come ALIVE. I will DELIGHT your HEART! WILL YOU COME PLAY YOUR PART?”

Ezekiel 36:25-28 NIV “I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. Then you will live in the land I gave your ancestors; you will be my people, and I will be your God.”

Along with this dream, over the past few months The Lord has also given me key songs with powerful lyrics that have stirred my heart to cry out, pray and intercede with. I pray this word and these lyrics stir your heart and bless you too.

For the Sake of the World - Bethel Music Awake My Soul -Hillsong Worship Come Alive - Hillsong Worship Tremble - Mosaic MSC

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12 nov 2020

I thank and praise our ADONAI YESHUA for this revelation to Sister Helen. It beats witness within my spirit..., I truly long for the fulfillment of John 17 as this will bring the Great Harvests of souls.I will continue to pray for the fulfillment of this vision..♥️♥️♥️✨

Me gusta
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