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The other morning before heading off to our Prophetic Summit the Lord woke me up. It was like an alarm going off and all I could hear was these words ringing out. “ IT'S TIME TO WAKE THE BABY! IT'S TIME TO WAKE THE BABY!

I felt an urgency in my spirit about this and spent some time asking God what He was saying.

Often parents are DELAYED because they don't want to wake their sleeping baby. And then they run late or don’t go at all and completely MISS OUT!!

The Lord is saying “it's time to wake the baby! MOTHERS AND FATHERS it's time to wake the baby! It’s time to wake up God’s promises, new ministries. It’s time to wake up the immature, the new and young Christians, the new and young church.

Spiritual Mothers and Fathers don’t delay, no more excuses! You are called for such a time as this to rise into the role God has for you and be blessed by all He wants to do in you and through you!!

He is birthing and has birthed, new promises! New ministries! Its time to pick them up!! Wrap your arms around them and don’t put them down. It’s time GO and DO the good works He has prepared in advance for you!!

It’s time to pray and intercede, to mentor and teach and to LOVE the baby into maturity and the fullness of all God has!

God is sounding the alarm to get your attention. It’s time to wake up the baby!! ⏰


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