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There is a bigger picture for your life and My ALIGNING is what will give you clear - open doors. You have waited you have travailed but it has not been for nothing! Because I have been shifting and moving and preparing you for My great aligning. Doors will open, and when they do you will see door after door after door aligned. My timing is PERFECT!

But I am not just aligning you! I am also aligning those around you, beside you and even... the things ahead that you don't even know about yet. For it is not JUST you I love and take care for. I care about you ALL, I see it all and I want what is best for ALL of My children. This alignment is close. I am calling you to BREATHE, breathe and REST in Me, TRUST in Me and you will see. I HAVE IT ALL.

Don't worry about how! All I need is your YES and AMEN. I am revealing things to you as you wait and trust Me. There are things I have impressed upon your heart, your thoughts and your dreams, these are My promises for your life. Grab them with both hands and declare them over your future as I align you to receive all I have planned for you. Press into Me and you will see My abundance, love and power flow.

My aligning brings favour and and blessings. The enemy does not have the victory over those who wait on Me, who trust in Me.

Your inheritance and your provision comes from me alone. The drought is over and the doors are about to swing wide. It is about to rain down upon you. It will soak, nourish, feed and grow you. Come My child, come dance and delight in the rain that flows freely from Me.


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