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I was talking with God and He showed me a scene in the spiritual realm. It was like from a movie. I saw a mighty army of angels on white horses, they were intensely bright, big and powerful (they were breathtaking). Then in front of them a dark presence (like a storm cloud) started brewing up before them. The angels stood there firmly holding their positions as the cloud got  bigger and closer and I shouted out to God, "what are they waiting for"!!!

He said "they are waiting for you! They are waiting for your praise and your worship. You are like their sound track and they cannot move forward until you start worshipping me. Sing to me, shout praises to the heavens and you will see..."

So I instantly I opened up my heart to God and starting singing and worshipping Him with incredible joy and as I looked to the heavens the angels took one big step forward and the dark cloud instantly disappeared. Then the space where the cloud was, was replaced by a glorious presence of the Holy Spirit and the heavens opened and broke through and touched earth.

I felt like God said "your worship is what I need to break through for you, for my people,  for my church and for this nation. The moment you worship, I can move forward with power and authority and release my army of angels to fight for you, just as I showed you and release my Holy Spirit."

No weapon formed against us shall prosper!


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