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One day I was sitting in church and had a vision. Jesus walked in, everything went silent. Jesus gently said " come follow me", and He turned and started to walk out.

People started running to Him, some stood in shock at who they just  saw. I started running to Him and then walked with Him out the doors of the church. As we walked out, I stopped for a moment and thought "what about my kids, where are they?" But then I thought "hang on, this is Jesus, if He has asked me to come with Him, then I know my children will be ok!" So I kept following Him.

As we walked out through the car park, some people stopped and said "umm, hang on, how far are we going? And what about our cars. Are we just going to leave them?" Some stayed and wouldn't walk any further. A few of us including myself and Pastor turned around and called out " come on, what are you doing? Leave your cars! This is Jesus! Come on" but they didn't.

We kept following Jesus, passing our homes, work place, families and friends homes, and as we did many refused to keep going, worried about leaving these things, possessions and places.  They were debating and arguing giving their reasons and excuses to Jesus as to why they can't or won't go any further with Him or leave these things behind. Again many of us turned around calling out "what are you doing people? This is Jesus. He is right here. Come on!" But they wouldn't come.

With a small group of us left, we came to a place and Jesus turned around and smiled and said, "because you trusted me and followed, our Father can now reveal to you the path He has planned for you. Now you can all go" and He left.

I was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and great comfort that God has great plans for my life. We all returned back to church to find the ones who did not follow or who turned back, still waiting there. Some were quite distressed that they didn't follow Jesus, others upset and some were really angry saying " why couldn't He just talk to us all while we were here - in Church?" They didn't seem to understand what He was trying to show us and the significance of going with Him, following Him.

They were missing the point. They were missing out on the fullness of God's plans for their lives. They were not doing what He has called us to do. In order for Him to show us our path we need to follow Jesus, worship Him, seek Him, no matter what, no matter where and no matter what the sacrifice, and not just in Church on Sundays!

I feel God is trying to tell us that we need to stop trying to control our own path's because He can't release the full potential over our lives. Too many of us call out to God and then say, " thanks God, I'll take it from here". We need to completely trust in God and surrender every part of our lives to Him everyday, and when we do, it will be beautiful.

It's time for us to "Let go and let God"


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