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 Helen Cobanov

​Helen has a passion to ignite God’s children and to awaken the dormant ones. Her heart is to encourage people across the nations of this world to rise up and step into the fullness of all God has for them. Over the years God has been filling Helen with prophetic words, songs, dreams and visions. Through her ministry, God is using Helen to speak into the hearts and lives of others, teaching people to fully embrace all God has for them. Helen is married to Daniel and they have two teenage sons. She is actively involved in her local Church and Women’s Ministry and loves to lead people into the presence of God through worship. She is also an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council.

"I didn't even like my name but God showed me to love who He created me to be! So He sent me to look up what my name meant.."
"Helen Madeline"
"Light Tower"



Have you ever wanted to know what it would look like to see an everyday person hand everything over to God and become a willing vessel for Him?  Well... that's me!  Over the years God has been speaking to me to take steps of faith, to step out and start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable as He stretches me, and molds me into the fullness of who He created me to be. And so began this journey of His Light Tower Ministries. I believe now is the time to stop putting limits on God and to grab hold of the opportunities, invitations, words and dreams He gives us and say "Yes Lord! Let’s do this! Use ME!

Imagine what it would look like if we all stepped into the fullness of His plans? It would be atmosphere shifting, life changing, world changing!  God is calling us to arise and shine!  So let's go and do it!

So, I am stepping out in faith, I am leaping into the unknown, I am saying "God I am yours, I hold firm to your Words - You knew me before I was born and You set me apart. You called me by name "Helen Madeline" which means "Light Tower," so use me to be a Light Tower for You."
I look forward to encouraging you through my ministry to rise up and grab hold of all God has for you!


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